Business Partner Intern Program

Hello Business Partners!

For several years now, Gina has been involved with the Business of Law Chapter of ASU mentoring students on career choices and ideas once they graduate and obtain their degrees. It has been both rewarding and eye opening, as it is readily apparent many of these students, while extremely smart, dedicated and focused, really don’t understand the diversity within the legal community and the career paths that are available to them outside of being a lawyer. This year Gina will be handing the baton over to me, Lisa Kelly, Co-Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Secretary for the Chapter.

The ALA’s main focus is on the actual Business of Law, embracing varying college majors like business, economics, finance, human resources, marketing, technology, global sustainability, and, of course, those students going on to obtain their JDs. Continuing the program Gina started, we would like to embrace those remarkable students who have a passion for the legal field and pair them up with Business Partners who work side-by-side with our Chapter and at the International level to help widen their scope of interest in what we do! 

We are once again inviting you to be part of a remarkable program that will take this excitement and succession planning to the next level. Invitations and requests for resumes will be going out to students associated with the Undergraduate Legal Association (formerly Business of Law Chapter) of ASU for students to submit an application to be considered for the internship program. The Program would begin on July 10th and run for 6 weeks, up through and until our Chapter’s Educational Symposium on August 16th. During that period of time, the Intern would be expected to give 35 hours of their time (unpaid internship) to the Business Partner that they are paired up with. They can assist with assigned projects, shadow members in your businesses, attend events, or whatever you feel would help them to understand what it is you do and why you do it! Such interaction can focus on how your business relates to the legal field and why your business is an integral part of the goals of the ALA. PLEASE NOTE THE STUDENT WILL BE RECEIVING CREDIT FOR THIS INTERNSHIP, THEREBY ENSURING A HIGHER LEVEL OF PARTICIPATION FROM EACH OF THE INTERNS.

What we hope to have the students gain during the internship is a better understanding of how large the legal field is and all of the opportunities that lie ahead of them. With increasing tuition and decreasing job opportunities, students more than ever, need to be creative with their degrees and where they can provide the most long-term benefit.

What we are asking from you is simple. Your time - 35 hours to be exact. During the 6 weeks, in whatever time increments you and the intern can agree upon to accommodate your schedule, we would like them to put in 35 hours of work with you, in whatever capacity you see fit. 

We are also asking each Business Partner to sponsor their intern with a paid ALA Student Membership at both the International and local Chapter level in the amount of $50. This will provide the students with one year of full access to the ALA’s educational resources, including conferences, seminars, online resources and possibly even further scholarships. This will also increase our local membership, allowing students in degree programs to join the ALA at all levels. It also spotlights the Business Partners’ continued efforts to stay up-to-date with ALA changes facing the legal community and helping making those changes effective with their local sponsorships.

Of course, each Partner that participates will be recognized at the International and local levels as well.   We believe this Program not only addresses a real need for our undergrads, it also gives Business Partners first shot at making relationships with honor students who are bright, focused and raring to go! We truly believe that at the end of the 35 hour commitment, both the intern and Business Partner will have come away with a progressive experience, both sides having gained a new perspective of each other’s needs in the community, and the possibility of a long-term working relationship at some point in time.

We hope you understand how important you are to this Chapter. We couldn’t support the programs we have in existence now, or even entertain the thought of new programs without the never-ending encouragement and support you have provided. We are proud of what we have accomplished thus far, and want to push it even further.

You have always been gracious to our Chapter in helping to support our business of law needs, and we believe you are an essential part of succession planning and helping groom the new set of administrators who will ultimately be your decision makers. We also believe this will open new doors of business to you at the college levels and their business needs as well.

Please email me and let us know if you can support one student, or perhaps have the room for more than one intern. We have 47 Business Partners, and would love to match as many students as possible. Due to the numbers, this will be on a first come, first served basis depending on the number of applicants. So, please sign up soon!

JOIN US – please be part of this experience with our Chapter and continue the great work we have already begun!

Warm regards,

Lisa Kelly
Co-Chair Diversity & Inclusion Committee 2016-2017, Secretary 2016-2017
ALA Arizona Chapter

Gina Sanfillippo, PHR, SHRM-CP